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本隐私政策解释了CMA(和PLA作为CMA的附属组织)如何收集, uses, shares and safeguards Personal Data and Non-Personal Data on,, mobile websites, microsites, mobile applications, CMA在CMA社交媒体网站以及CMA官方不时运营或使用的任何其他数字服务和平台上的个人资料(“网站”), as well as by phone or by paper.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
As CMA, its membership, products and services change from time to time, this Privacy Policy is expected to change as well. We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy at any time, for any reason. 本私隐政策最近修订的日期将以本页底部的“生效日期”标示.

Types of Data We Collect
Personal Data: We collect information (whether online, by phone, (或以书面形式),使CMA能够识别或联系您(“个人数据”)以实现其业务目的. CMA Sites collect this information for a variety of business reasons, including but not limited to, applying for membership, registering for an CMA event or program, purchasing CMA products or services, or otherwise interacting with the CMA. 我们收集的个人资料类型包括但不限于:一般资料(e).g., names, dates of birth, home and business addresses, email addresses, Internet protocol addresses and mobile/landline business/personal telephone numbers that are provided by our members/customers); Professional data (e.g., medical education/training dates & locations, etc.); Other identification information (e.g., photographs).

Non-Personal Data: We collect information (whether online, by phone, 在您与我们的网站互动时不能直接识别您的信息(“非个人信息”)。. 我们收集的非个人资料类型包括但不限于:网站使用情况(e).g., browsing history, search terms, number of clicks, referring/exit pages, date/time stamp, time on Site); Products and services viewed, including advertisements for such products and services; Computer type, operating system and platform type; Internet service provider; Your industry and business (e.g., company size and location).

How We Use Your Data
In addition to the uses described above, we use your Personal Data, sometimes combined with Non-Personal Data, in a variety of ways including, but not limited to the below, in order to:

Personal Data: Identify you when you visit our Sites; Provide service communications such as bill reminders, order confirmations, program registrations and customer service messages; Provide products, information and services you request or that we think you may be interested in; Respond to your emails or online requests for products, services, or information; Deliver and process surveys Personalize and improve the usability of the Sites; Fulfill and/or deliver CMA products and services; Tailor content, advertising and marketing to you
Publish membership directories

非个人数据:我们使用非个人数据来改善我们网站的可用性和其他商业原因. 我们或其他第三方公司也会使用非个人数据向您提供广告和定向广告(基于非个人数据的广告)。. 我们不会向第三方提供您的个人资料,并与其分享您的非个人资料. Please note that, 当您选择广告链接或其他链接将您带到非CMA运营的网站时, you may be subject to the privacy policies of these third-party sites.
How You Can Manage the Processing of Your Data
You can manage your profile and email preferences, 包括通过使用下面“联系信息”部分中的信息与我们联系来“选择退出”电子邮件. If you prefer to receive hard copy mailings only from the CMA, 您可以云顶集团,要求从我们提供给第三方的名单中删除您的姓名和地址.

How We Protect Personal Data
CMA实施商业上合理的安全措施,以防止未经授权的访问或未经授权的更改, disclosure, or destruction of data. Except for membership directories, membership lists and registration lists, and the sharing of information as set forth in this Privacy Policy, 我们将个人资料的存取权限制在需要资料运作的特定公司, develop, or improve our services. 这些个人或合作组织受保密义务的约束,并可能受到纪律的约束, including termination and criminal prosecution, if they fail to meet these obligations. 不幸的是,没有任何数据传输通过互联网或电子存储是完全安全的. Accordingly, 尽管我们已尽合理努力保护您的个人资料免遭未经授权的访问, use, or disclosure, CMA不能保证或保证您传送给我们的个人数据的安全性, or to or from our online Sites. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us
User ID and Password

Certain areas of the Sites require the use of a user ID, email address, 或密码作为额外的安全措施,以帮助保护您的个人资料. 为了帮助您保护您的隐私,这些网站提供了帮助您登录和注销的工具.

Linking to Other Internet Sites
您应了解,从本网站或从CMA电子邮件链接的其他互联网网站可能包含与本隐私政策不同的隐私条款. To ensure your privacy is protected, we recommend that you review the privacy statements of these other linked sites, applications, or other digital platforms.

How You Can Access, Change and Delete Your Personal Data
We rely on you to update and correct your Personal Data. If you are a user of our Sites, subscriber to CMA publications, purchaser of CMA products and services, or an CMA member, you can review, 直接在CMA网站上更新和更正您的信息,或者使用下面“联系信息”部分的信息与我们联系. Typically, 我们会将您的个人资料保留一段必要的时间,以履行本隐私政策所述的目的, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. This may include retaining your Personal Data indefinitely, even after you are no longer an CMA member, in order to provide you with future marketing opportunities and other purposes, as well as to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce any of our agreements. 请注意,您可以随时要求我们删除您的个人数据. 所有请求必须直接发送到下面“联系信息”部分的联系人. 如果我们认为您的个人资料不完整,我们可以决定删除您的个人资料, inaccurate, 或者我们继续使用和储存违反了我们对其他成员的义务, individuals, or third parties. When we delete your Personal Data, 它将从我们的活动数据库中删除或匿名化,以便您的数据不再被识别, 但如果CMA认为删除这些数据不实际或不可能,这些数据可能会保留在我们的档案中.

Cookies and Other Web Devices
Our website sends cookies (e.g., 当您浏览我们的网站时,我们或第三方在您的计算机上放置的代码或文本片段)发送给您的网络浏览器(如果您的浏览器偏好允许),以便在您浏览我们的网站时收集数据. 您可以在互联网浏览器中控制Cookie设置,以自动拒绝某些形式的Cookie. If you view our website without changing your cookie settings, you are indicating your consent to receive all cookies from our Sites. If you do not allow cookies, some features and functionality of our Sites may not operate as expected. In addition to cookies, 我们放置技术工具(并允许某些第三方放置技术工具),例如标签和信标.g., 主要用于通过网络分析软件跟踪访问者在我们网站上的活动的代码脚本), Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and other tools, to collect your data for the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy.

Breach Notification
In the event we determine the occurrence of a data security incident, we will notify you by email, US mail, telephone, or other means as permitted by law.

Contact Information
If you have questions, comments, or complaints concerning our privacy practices or if you wish to change, access, or remove your Personal Data, please contact us as indicated below. We will attempt, where practical, 响应您的请求并向您提供其他与隐私相关的信息.

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